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The idea for this site was conceived many years ago.  I have been repeatedly  asked to show my photos to friends and colleagues of the places I have visited.  From there developed the idea to create a website so that these friends and any other interested people could view my images at their convenience.  The website is shared by my wife and photography friends  who also love to travel and photograph beauty as they see it.  In some cases the photos may illicit for viewers their own memories of great places, or perhaps kindle a desire to visit/travel.   We hope that you will find peace in what we have shared.

The choice of website name was born out of our love for photography, and the direct link between great images being captured ‘only if the light is right’. Many hours can be spent just waiting for that special ray of light or sunshine.  Often times the image that you see here was captured only after many trips to the exact same location. The light just had to be ‘right’.

Through the realm of photography and travel we have been blessed to witness  emotions of all types displayed by the wildlife and birds that we were eager to photograph.  On a trip to the Falkland Islands we sat for hours and watched at close range the Black-browed Albatross as they went about their daily rituals, heedless of our presence. Their world, seemingly small, was about survival and nurturing their young. The albatross are large birds that glide effortlessly through the air , landing awkwardly near their nests to nurture their life-long mate and chick still in nest. The preening and care to their young is magnificent to behold. The emotions they displayed were not unlike human emotions. They are gentle, loving and devoted…attributes we hope to have captured in our photos.

Many have expressed the desire to buy one of our images. All images found on this website are for sale.

In some cases we have chosen to offer images as one of a kind.  This means that the image will only be printed once on whatever media the buyer chooses.  This concept makes our “one of a kind” image similar to a conventional art item.  The piece is truly one of a kind and can be expected to increase in value over time.

– George


George Brunt

George Brunt is the original visionary of the ‘ItsAboutLight’ website. He has been an avid photographer for most of his life, starting out in the era of film photography and advancing with enthusiasm to the new digital age.

George has a great desire to travel. If time, resources and the lack of rules would permit, he would travel endlessly from place to place, truly emulating the life of the gypsy. This coupled with his love for photography and capturing the moment is a winning combination.

George hopes that as you wander through this website viewing his images as well as those of his friends, you will find great joy in seeing what he has seen throughout his world travels. His belief is that photography as Imagery, should touch the senses and emotions of human beings, evoking feelings that are personal to the individual looking at the image.

He photographs in earnest abiding by his belief “Its About Light.”


Jack Cohen

Although I grew up in New York, Calgary has been my home for over 40 years. Throughout my career, teaching High School Biology and Volleyball Coaching, I was always an avid photographer. My interest in travel and sports photography has expanded into a wide variety of photographic genres including: Nature, Fashion, Portraiture, Macro, Photo Restoration, Manipulated Images and Landscape Photography.

My travels, which have increased since my retirement in June 2006, have given me a great opportunity to explore different cultures and my passion for photography.
I hope to use the “language” of photography as an art form, to express a wide variety of emotions and use both colour and content to communicate a story. If my visual images can move you or intrigue you, then I will feel fulfilled. To my fellow photographers, I would say: “May you have good light”.


Carol Quinn

Carol Quinn is an emerging photographer who has always enjoyed traveling and admiring photos of faraway places. In 2009, time and the opportunity presented itself and since then Carol has been busy with George (and a camera) visiting many countries of the world. Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Hungary, Africa, Japan, Thailand, Falkland Islands, and many locations in Canada and the USA are a few of the places she has felt blessed to visit. She has interests in many genres of photography styles including bird, macro, wild life, glamour and landscape photography. She is continually on the move and always enthusiastic for the next adventure, forever taking photos!!!


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